Saturday, 21 January 2012

More on the Process or How do you follow up a big heavy blog post?

Soooo, the though processes are still going. If anything, I can almost feel the cogs whirring and little gears ticking into place. Very little ones but, just like a clock, there are lots of little parts to me and they all work together to achieve one thing. In me, that's being happy.

It's been hard to work out how to keep blogging after writing such an emotion laden post but I was so truly bolstered by the genuine, heartfelt comments left and emails received that I thought I should have a go.

I've joined up for Michelle Bridge's 12WBT (12 Week Body Transformation). I have numerous real life friends who have completed one, if not more, rounds of this program and they all express such enthusiasm and support that it's hard not to be infected with their positivity.

So that's what I've done. I'm infected. Apparently with that crazy exercise bug. It really doesn't suit me right now but when I fully acknowledge that I weigh 111kg, I'm sure it will grow on me (pardon the pun).

And a comment I made this morning really reflected how my thinking is slowly, ever minutely, changing. I was down the beach at 7am this morning with my melon head dog Banjo, my good friend Kelly and her big boofa Pyrenean, Beau. We were discussing fitness and how I was going with the preseason tasks for 12WBT. I said, "But now I'm going to have to stop thinking of myself as the depressed girl.". SO telling. Yep. I have been depressed for so long and down and sad and miserable that it's habit. It's how I see myself.

Not for much longer. Yep. Not much at all.

Random lotus photo taken in Bali last year. Because really, what photo goes with the blathering above?


Allison said...

It's a perfect photo when you get right down to it. What comes up from the mud through the murky waters to flower so beautifully...

Just like you're gonna do.

Sending good thinks your way

Nicky said...

Good luck with 12wtby remember everything takes time I came to terms with suddenly finding myslef at 80kg (I am a lot shorter than you) and with the constant help of Jenny craig I am whittling it down slow and steady (life isnt like the biggest loser) 10 kg gone now never coming back 10kg to go I am thinking it will take 12 months all up and much money spent but will be worth it

Good luck

Tanya said...

It's so interesting when we realise what we 'expect' from ourselves, or how we label ourselves...kind of no wonder things don't shift. I saw myself as someone who couldn't lose weight because of multiple chronic health, somewhere in there, I assumed it was impossible. Well, now that I have seen it's not, slowly and steadily- in no particular rush, because I trust I will get there, things are changing, it's really nice! Very very best wishes to you as you do the 12wbt, and beyond

Fifi said...

This is fantastic! Exercising can do such wonderful things to the body, it's amazing.

Stick to Michelle Bridge's plan, as I heard recommendations from a friend about it. She is also great to see each time on the Biggest Loser, wouldn't it be great to have a personal fitness session with her? :)