Monday, 27 June 2011

Sweet Vintagey Goodness

I popped into the Nth Adelaide Vintage & Fashion Fair on Sunday and found a lovely little treasure trove of vintagey goodness to trawl through.

It was a quick but successful visit as I found a new member to add to my vintage planter collection that I spoke about last year. For $4! This little beauty isn't strictly a planter but I believe it's a milk jug that goes with a tea set similar to this.

Bambi milk jug

And this new little treasure is sitting on my rapidly progressing Lone Star quilt. I'm using my precious collection of Momo Wonderland and hopefully it will turn out ok.... Have to admit I'm a little nervous just winging it and not following a pattern but so far so good.

More momo wonderland progress


Judith said...

I knew I forgot to go somewhere on Sunday :( Bet it was a good fair too.

Gillian said...

Quilt looks good to me!

Anonymous said...

such a wonderful find Gillian!! Lucky you xx