Thursday, 30 June 2011

Do What You Love

Such simple but powerful words.

Whilst I couldn't sleep last night, I did some 4am blog reading. I stumbled across
this treasure on Build A Little Biz. It got me thinking.

As a work at home mum, I juggle the 6 hours a day I have free whilst my daughter is at school and designate equal amounts of time to the housework and to my businesses. My time is precious and I would much rather be spending my time wisely during those 3 hours a day that I do have for my businesses.

I started Silly Gilly three years ago and have broadened my product scope during that time. But last night whilst reading this great article, a little light came on in my head. I need to focus on doing what I love and only that. I'm in business for myself for a reason. Not to do what I think other people want me to do. Or things that are quick and easy to produce. I need to be throwing myself into creating items that I love and be sure in the knowledge that that will show through in the end product.

Silly Star hat - Cherry Red Sunny Day Scarf

So over the next week I will be clearing out items in the Silly Gilly store
that, whilst they are beautiful items and perfectly great, don’t fit exactly where I would like to be heading with my brand.

First off my fleece hats and scarves are now on sale and reduced by 35%. Such a perfect time of the year to snap up a bargain to keep those cute little noggins warm!


Heather Leavers said...

I was inspired by that article too - followed you over here after reading your comment. I am going to have to give it some serious thought, I need to be unstuck!

karen said...

thank you so much for linking to and commenting on my blog post. i am thrilled it inspired you! HAVE FUN with your biz and know you will always find support and encouragement to do what you love from build a little biz =)