Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's been a while...

Hi there peeps!

Life's been crazy busy here in the Silly Gilly household. What's been going on?

* Giant dog has been jumping over our 6 foot fence to escape. Numerous times.
* I had a day where I had purple hair by accident at the hairdressers.
* I've been sewing fabrics together random patchwork style and loving the freedom of it.
* I've been to listen to Dr Jane Goodall speak about her life working with chimpanzees in Africa.
* I've felt very proud of the Australian people who spoke out and voiced their opinions about stopping the live export of cattle to the slaughterhouses of Indonesia.

And I've been crafting....

Tote/Library Bag Saffron prints 2

Tote bag made with Saffron Craig prints I picked up whilst at SIT.

SIT Sew What Prints Charming Skirt

New favourite skirt I made from scrap packs purchased from Prints Charming and sewn during a sew along organised by the amazing Karen. We used the book Sew What Skirts! and it was a quick and easy skirt to make.

Custom Boutique Bow

I've gotten amazingly addicted to making school bows for my daughter's hair. I've even started making them for other people, custom matched to their school colours.

blue newsboy

Attended the Lollipop Market as a stall holder and introduced a new line of Newsboy hats. They were very popular!

prints charming clothes 2

prints charming dolls clothes

Had gallons of fun making doll clothes for the monthly sale at Gossamer Dreams, which is on tonight! I used some precious Prints Charming fabrics I had.

So life has been busy of late. Always is in June for me. I'm solo parenting this week due to Mr Silly Gilly being off on a work trip but I love it as I can craft the night away every night once poppet is in bed.

Enjoy the cold weather, all.... Just think, we'll be complaining about the hot weather in a matter of months!


Toughie said...

I love love love your skirt! Everything else too, but I am feeling the need to make a patchwork skirt :D
Cheers :D

Theresa said...

Love your skirt!

Tracey said...

Oh my goodness - your newsboy hats are cute cute cute! Anything corduroy and I swoon :)

Sounds like your busy crafting up your life. I am slowly getting back into craft - knitting things for small people. It's quicker to complete than for adults ;)

Stitchbird said...

Oh I am feeling inspired to make a patchwork skirt! It looks fantastic. Hmmm I could used scraps of echino fabric.