Friday, 19 March 2010

Vintage Ad Friday!

This week I thought I would share some of those smaller ads that appeared in the women's magazines. You know the ones, they are the space fillers at the back of the magazines amongst the ends of the romance stories and knitting patterns.

Woman's Weekly - October 1958
Sure she's moody... She's got a mother who shoves Syrup of Figs down her throat!!

New Idea - August 1966
Made of rubber.... wear it whilst you work.... hmmm, sounds like you might need a good cleansing facial after wearing this baby!

New Idea - December 1961
'The one thing every woman wants - MOST OF ALL!' Of course a kitchen accessory is at the top of every woman's wish list. Forget the holiday to Vegas or a faithful husband, give your wife a really beautiful can opener.

Woman's Weekly - October 1958.
Ah, pure rich fat. Not much more to say about that one.....


Sarah said...

LOL! They made me laugh, especially the pure rich fat one! JUST what we need!! :)

clare's craftroom said...

Oh yes we all need more pure , rich fat !

The Lazy Mom said...

Oh my gosh!! So funny! Another one that I saw for real in a vintage Ladies Home Journal of my moms was a Lysol add circa 1939. Check it out:
Can't decide if it's more funny or disturbing.

Jan said...

Oh heck, I was the kid in that top ad! My Scottish mum swore by that stuff when us four kids were growing up in NZ; we just gagged a lot as I recall. Despite that, I love figs.