Friday, 26 March 2010

Vintage Ad Friday - 1950's

This week brings you some 1950's vintage advertisement goodness courtesy of Enid Gilchrist. I found these gorgeous ads amongst her edition of Boys and Girls - 48 Enid Gilchrist Patterns for 8-10 year olds. Sorry if the photos take a while to load on the page due to their size but I so wanted you to be able to read the text in these ads.

First up, the Elna Supermatic. What a razzle dazzle ad! Love the quote... "You choose... then your Elna thinks and sews for you". If only it were that easy!


Next, a joyous advertisement for Wellstood heat storage cooker and water heater. Umm.... isn't that a fancy name for oven?? "Cooks wonderful meals for eight people". What if you only have three to dinner, does it cook below-average meals?


And lucky last, the good old reliable, classy, doubles as a children's swing Hills Hoist. Love the accessories that were marketed with the hoist - the 'Laundry Pram', the 'Folding Chair' and the 'Twin Seat Swing' (not what we'd call a safe swing in today's standards). And would you look at the snazzy shade cover fitting so neatly over the Hills that the housewife has whipped up in her spare time?

I really love this ad. I've just recently reluctantly relinquished the original 1950's Hills Hoist that resided in our backyard and installed a modern Hills Hoist. And you know, it's just not the same. The new hoist is bright green and has plastic bits on it. And it doesn't creak. Makes me a bit sad.

Anyhoo, hope you've enjoyed this 1950's exploration this week and I wish you a happy weekend!


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Jan said...

Who needed a swing seat when you could grab on to the railings of Hills Hoist and swing yourself around, as my three brothers and I used to do when we were growing up in NZ. Used to drive my mum mad; don't suppose it did the washing line much good either!