Tuesday, 3 March 2009

A smile for your day

I found this short film on youtube this morning and it has totally made my day.
Take a short while and watch it. I can guarantee it will make you smile too. :)

Have a fantastic week!!


Miss C said...

hi miss g

have a little farm yard of animals for you for the craft auction.

should catch up this week. thursday is good for us.

let me know

Miss C

Jacqueline said...

OH thank you for sharing! I love it and it did make me smile! It is really nice to be appreciated. You are great! Love to you and yours! Have a lovely merry happy day!

our shabby cottage said...

I'm off to get Validated by my family - do you think it will work?
Let's hope so!
P.S. Oh, you are awesome!

potty mouth mama said...

I really love this. I am going to try Validating everyone. So cool!

Roostew said...

Hey, that is the guy from "Bones" on tv. What a sweet little film and even sweeter message. Thanks for sharing.

Bellgirl said...

I love it! I've put it in my bookmarks so I can watch it often. Thanks Silly Gilly!