Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The donation has been made

Our donation has been made to the Red Cross and I have provided you with a copy of the official Red Cross receipt. So no trip to the Bahamas or my favourite quilting shops alas. All of your generous and hard earned money goes straight to help those in need. You are all good souls.

(For the life of me I can work out why in photoshop the red cross logo is in red but when I save it here to blogger it's blue.... but trust me!! It's ridgy didge!!)

Speaking of lovely souls, Norma, she of no blog address, sent me a little thankyou parcel last week. My very own Kokeshi doll! I've named her Phoenix in memory of those who have lost everything in the Victorian Bushfires. She's made of camphour wood and smells beautiful! Thankyou so very much Norma, you really made my day. Phoenix sits on my studio window ledge and looks very much at home.

I'm off now on a delicious spree of purchasing ribbon and tape and apron hangers and bias tape and zips. I have a rather large order of wet bags to get stuck into making so I'd better get a move on!


tea and cake said...

Wow, well done, Gilly!

Jenny said...

Thanks Gilly!

clare said...

Well done and your dancer did a fabulous job below .
clares craftroom

Selina said...

Thanks so much for organising this Gilly! Brilliant work!