Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hectic Hodge Podge

Life in the Silly Gilly camp has been hectic this week. Lots of running around and out and about.

Here's views of Friday night's stall at the Fringe market. Kate of Red Ted and I shared a stall and it was such a wonderfully balmy night. Except for the flying ants!!

I whipped out a few new girls hats in time for the market and will post a pic of those later today. My desk is currently under siege from all the delicious donated items that have sold on ebay. I can't believe how much everything has sold for!! I'll announce the grand total after the last two delicious items have sold. Go bid on them now!!

My husband took me on a date last night which I enjoyed immensley as dates don't get to happen very often around here due to crazy work commitments. We bopped along to Ben Lee and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. One thing that for the life of me I don't understand is going to see live music and having to SIT DOWN. How on earth are you supposed to jig and jive and groove along whilst sitting on your tush!!?? I am completely perplexed and if anyone has a rational explanation I would greatly love to hear it.

(Oh and the $275 I won afterward at the Casino..... that was just an added bonus!!)

ETA (Spoken in authoritative, pompous voice) -- Silly Gilly in no way endorses gambling, excessive booty shaking or swatting of annoying bugs - please do these things at your own dire risk--


our shabby cottage said...

The stalls look great - don't know why you'd be sitting down - and wow $275!!! Woo Hoo- what a night!

trashalou said...

Sounds like you could combine all three at once - a celebratory jig to music with requisite hand movements depleting bug population.

Cass said...

Great looking stall and you can't beat a win at the Casino

Gillian said...

Hello there. Your stall looked fantastic on Friday night. I meant to come back and have more of a chat but was being told what to do by 3 year olds. It looks like you were really busy after the monkeys. Hope it was a success for you. See you on Sat.
XX Gillian

Anonymous said...

I just found your site through doing the nappy hunt . I am in love with all of your beautiful things . I am excited to see you are in South Australia . I have put a diary note in about the goodwood markets and will be coming down to see your products in person ( i have a heap of birthdays coming up soon and need something different for presents ) Also my son just loves your cars hat so I will grab one if you have it in his size . see you soon

clare said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend .
clares craftroom

Jenny said...

Your stall sure looked great-hope you sold lots. Thank you for organising the auction. Glad you enjoyed your date and had a win afterwards!

Anonymous said...

What about the good hubby that won the tickets in the first place and who gave you the lucky dollar