Thursday, 15 December 2011

I like frocks (or why I haven't posted in a while)

I was in an earthquake in Bali in October this year.

Of course it happened when it was my day on holiday to relax by myself whilst Mr Silly Gilly took the young one off on a day of adventure at a Safari Park. I don't do zoos or animal sanctuarys. When I do visit them, I just want to let all the animals out of their enclosures, hug them and tell them to run for their lives. But that's another post.

So there I was, having just finished watching a movie, trying to decide whether to have a massage or go for a swim. Big decision time. I was standing in the doorway of our room when the ground surged like a gentle wave. Up, then down. Nothing else but gee willakers, I knew that it had been an earthquake. I was mildly impressed that I had lived through an earthquake. Wait till I told my friends back home! Then 30 seconds later, all hell broke loose and the ground, buildings, trees, everything shook like a kid shaking a snow globe. It was the most frightening moment of my life, and like a mature adult I ran screaming into the most clear area I could find.

For the rest of the day I had the fortune of experiencing numerous aftershocks. I was terrified and didn't go back inside for hours. Mr Silly Gilly and the young one came back late in the day, safe and sound, luckily having experienced a much less drastic version of the quake. That night I could barely sleep and was constantly ready to bolt for my life.

But the quake did something. It shook me up. (Had to include that pun there.)

It made me absolutely terrified for my life. Then a few days later it made me focus on my life. It was a life changing moment. Albeit a moment of terror.

For so many, many years now I've always gabbled on about how I wished I'd lived when women got to wear big skirts, gloves, fancy dresses and hats every day. And the quake made me realise that I could focus on the 50's right now. I didn't have to dream or wish or wallow in the fact that I had been born in the 70's.

So that's where I've been. Building up my conviction to start living, wearing, working on 1950's vintage every day. Well, nearly every day. My wardrobe is somewhat limited right now but I'm working on correcting that.

So I'm back blogging, having been inspired by two fantastic writers, dooce and edenland, that I've always admired. I love their honesty and their wit. Oh and the earthquake.It's given me the proverbial kick up the derriere that I needed.

Back soon!


Gillian said...

Good to have you back! And can't wait to hear more about this '50s caper!

Fulltiltboogie said...

Earthquakes are fun! Rock'n'Roll Mrs Bobbysocks.

tenth avenue soapworks said...

I just found your blog....I love ALL things retro-ey. I whine and complain all the time about having been born in the '70s myself. I've begun buying old patterns at thrift stores, and then I will start WEARING them...yay for you!