Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Happy Hula Birthday!

Over a month ago we celebrated my daughter's fifth birthday. She wanted to have a hawaiian party complete with hula girl birthday cake. Initially it was a Lilo and Stitch request but I managed to ease her round to having this for her cake. A lot more basic than my usual efforts but fun all the same.

It was soooo much fun making this cake! Simply a Dolly Varden tin cake with vanilla cake layered with icing. Piped the grass on and stuck the doll on top! The little pink swirls on the left held the candles. But let me tell you, getting icing to stick on Hula girls top was tricky!! It kept wanting to slide right off but persistence was the key and the cake was happily G rated.



Nicky said...

Great cake, I love the frangipani's set it off perfectly - hope you didn't have to dismember poor old barbie (that is usually the hardest part of making these style cakes).

Jessi said...

just gorgeous!!!

(sometimes it would be nice to have a girl that would want girly things such as this)

but boys are okay too!

glad you got the icing to stick to her top!