Monday, 22 November 2010

Puppy Popsicle

It's a hot one here today in Adelaide. 35 degrees.
So what do you do with a dog that feels the heat?

Puppy popsicles of course! Fill a bowl with water and pop some chopped up sausages in there. I used some straight out of the freezer so they didn't break down in the water before freezing. Put the bowl in the freezer and serve it up when frozen.

Result: one very cool dawg.



Katy said...

That is such a good idea - I will definately do that with karma now the hot weather looks like it's here!

sue niven said...

Love it!

bec said...

I freeze bones and give them frozen, but I like the popsicle idea, will do that this summer! My cat likes ice cubes in it's water, too!

Tracy said...

Oh how 'cool' is that! I hope you are cooler down there today too. Lovely up here after yesterdays heat.