Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Small business thoughts

One of the things that I think is holding me back in building my work from home business is thinking that I have to production line my products. That I have to produce scores of different sizes of each design, all identical to the last.

In the past I have had customers ask if I have certain items in another size other than what I have on display for sale. I get stuck in answering them as they want that same design in that fabric but that usually isn't possible for me as I only buy small amounts of each gorgeous fabric.

My ideal way of running my business is to not mass produce. It's to create one-off original items that you most likely won't see again. You certainly won't go to a party and see someone wearing the same dress or top as you. What stirs my creative juices is having the freedom to create what grabs me at the time. To design or create something in response to a delicious fabric or divine vintage pattern that I have bought.

I have it in my head that's it's a rule that I have to mass produce. But in fact there is no such rule
written in any official guide or rule book. I must start to allow myself to run my business the way that it suits me. Have you come across this stumbling block with your small business? I'd love to hear from you how you tackled it.


Julie said...

Oh gosh. I could have written that. I had the same problem. I was running myself into the ground making up different sizes, sourcing fabrics etc when one day I decided to just offer two designs and only the fabric in my stash. That's it! If people know that's all they have to choose from they tend to make a decision and not get all creative on you. I found I still got orders and they were easier to fill. Much less stress. Could talk for ages on the topic, won't fill your comment section though. x

Nicky said...

I think you should just enjoy the compliment, I know that I would always ask as you never know wether a shop is doing one of a kinds or made to order. So the fact someone likes a style or colour is a big compliment, a quiet re direct of I do have this colour in your size, is much better than someone not even looking at your products..