Thursday 4 July 2013

Crafty Hijinks!

My last post got me thinking. Crafty times with online bloggy friends rock. Spontaneous road trips also are a barrel load of fun. Why not combine the two?!


Soooo, if you are craftily inclined, a blogger and looking for a good old fashioned crazy time, come and join us on Sunday September 15th for a day of Crafty Hijinks at Brown Hill Hall, just outside Ballarat.

Bring some hand crafty goodness to work on. More details to come, including door prizes and who knows what else to surprise and delight you!

Buy your ticket, which includes lunch, here!


trash said...

Buying lottery ticket today!

Karen Pior said...

Hi Gillian,

Thanks for organising what I'm sure will be a fun and fab day. I am trying to buy a ticket but when i click the 'here' link in the blog post it takes me to the home page of your big cartel store. No matter what button I click I can't get past this! Is there a secret of some kind?!?!?