Thursday, 13 December 2012

Squandering the good stuff

It's hot today. 38 degree forecast day. It's one of those dry Adelaide heat days. It feels like a late January day where all the moisture has been sucked out of the jacaranda flowers and the heat haze shimmers on the ashphalt.

I also have approximately one whole school day left on my own before school breaks up. And though the housework is calling me desperately, the dishes need doing, washing is all over the dining table and the floor needs cleaning, I just can't bring myself to squander these precious last hours on housework.

The sewing machine is calling. A 1950's frock is tempting me to sew it for a couple of events I am attending this weekend.

What do you think will win? Housework or frock making?

Do I even have to ask?

image from here


trash said...

FROOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!! And then go and hv yr pic taken in front of "Joyren's Frocks" (my favoyrite shop name EVER!!)

Becky said...

Every time I see a beautiful frock or red lipstick I think of you; obviously the frocks will win over the boring house stuff. Make sure we all get to see the photos.