Saturday, 29 September 2012

By the seat of my pants

I'm feeling as focussed as a March fly lately, with so many shiny things vying for my attention. The warmer weather has inspired me to sew some new clothes for myself, including a badly executed attempt at these:

My measurements are a little larger than the sizes on the pattern I purchased. Easy, I thought after consulting my vintage sewing manuals. Just add a bit to the waist measurement. But alas I am also larger in the belly/hips/child bearing areas as well. I am yet to add the waistband but thought I might try again in another fabric and colour as my muslin. Who makes muslin's these days? Muslin being a test run of a garment made from cheap material. I thought the idea of sewing was that you could just whip something up in an afternoon and be prancing off down the street in your new frock/sailing trousers in no time.

Alas, I've learnt my lesson. Version number 2 is about to be attempted with some timely advice from here. Wish me luck. I aim to have a wearable version of these before next weekend.

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