Thursday, 5 April 2012

Sew It Together 2012

Last year I had the honour and a whole bucketload of fun being part of a weekend called Sew It Together 2011. It's a chance for crafty, bloggy types like myself to get together and have a great time shopping, travelling, crafting and generally being ourselves. 

This year Sew It Together (SIT) is being held in Canberra in June. I can't wait!! I've already booked my plane tickets and have decided to shack up with some gals at the YMCA there. Should be a hoot!

I like to be involved in things beyond just participating and letting other people run the show, so last year I took fabric along to sell and donated to the prize pool. Hopefully Sheridan will think that's a great idea for me to do it again this year.

In addition to that, I've popped my hand up to help organise the name badge swap. We each get another attendee's name and create a name badge for us to wear at SIT. This years colour combo is blue, white and red. It's a secret as to who makes your badge and it's so much fun seeing all the name badges coming together.

So, to those of you who are attending this year's Sew It Together, keep an eye out for updates and get some gorgeous ideas brewing in your creative heads!

Some of the attendees from last year's SIT. Just quietly there are a couple of us there that will look quite different this year!

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