Thursday, 11 August 2011

Horse vs pony

Close encounters of the horse kind

Banjo my Pyrenean Mountain Dog is now 18 months old. Time flies when you are filling in craters in the backyard, wiping drool off high points on the walls and dealing with a bark that challenges the volume of a 747 (just as I typed that she woofed again - now she's psychic).

Pyreneans are a guardian breed of dog. That means life is good for them when they have someone to guard. Traditionally that meant some sheep, horses, chickens, goats, you name it, they'll guard it. The breed originates from France where they were left in the paddocks with the stock and the Pyreneans would guard the stock all night from foxes, wolves and grumpy things with big teeth. Then the dogs would sleep all day.

So not much exercise is required, not much food and lots of sleep. All of these things tick the happy boxes for me! But for Banjo, being a suburban backyard dog is not what she was bred to do. Of course, being a good dog owner, I thought it would be entertaining for her to start being introduced to some livestock.

First off this week, the local horses. In Adelaide, we are fortunate to have some parklands very close to the city where horse owners can agist their horses and fortunately for the rest of us, we get to be able to hang with the equine peeps whenever we like. I was so proud of Banjo when she met them. She was calm, didn't bark or get silly. Just very curious and wanted to get in there with the horses! Next on the list.... sheep.

And this Saturday Banjo and I are off to be tested as to whether Banjo is suitable to be a Therapy Dog. That means, if we pass, we will be volunteering as visitors to hospitals or nursing homes to spread a little dog love (and maybe a bit of drool too) to people who otherwise couldn't see a dog in their environment. Fingers and paws crossed we pass!!


flamehair said...

So is she still a terrible toddler? Or is she more a tortured teenager these days? It must have been a bit educational for Banjo to meet an animal bigger than her as that musn't happen very often. :)
I can well imagine how delightful it would be for people to run their hands through her fur as some kind of therapy - I know I feel better when I pat an animal.

CurlyPops said...

Definitely crossing fingers and toes that you can both spread a little doggy love!

trash said...

Looked into becoming a P.A.T. visitor but with My Assistant's tendency to screech first and befriend later I figured it easier on everyone of she were just admired from a distance.

Jodie said...

I hope it works out - our PMD Quill lived on our farm and guarded everything ! He was a busy dog.