Thursday, 7 April 2011


I wanted this all along.
Ever since I could remember.
6 hours of freedom a day.
Uninterrupted freedom to pick and choose my activities, or to squander hours at will.

Now I'm being swallowed and engulfed by the lack of limits and boundaries.
It's too much.

I vividly recall the days when I was working in the city amongst other suit-clad folk and longed for a day off to do as I pleased. Oh, the giddying independence... what bliss!

But now, finding my feet as a stay at home mum with her one and only child at school is a challenge. A soul searching, heart tugging, bloody hard challenge.

Any tips?


Riches Stitches said...

Lists are a great start. If you just do each task as it comes up on the list and then cross it off when finished. I tell you, it really helps me to stay motivated and have a real sense of purpose and achievement. Then what doesn't get done on one day just move it to the next day, moving things around as priorities change.
Also, I reward myself by doing something that I really enjoy after finishing a task that I don't like very much.
It does get easier I promise.
Jane ;o)

Jessi said...

the thought of it frightens me :( i am dreading the day that both my boys are at school, or even one of them.

perhaps volunteering somewhere, to make a difference??? could be good for the soul.

taking on some more crafting projects?

taking a short course in an area of interest to you, but something completely new too?

other than that.. counting down to home time and hugging the princess :)

Nicky said...

I would reccomend you make sure that you grieve and are just a little self indulgent - you have lost a part of life that you cant ever get back having a small child at home and I think so many times we skip off from school and embrace the possibilities without taking time to realise that we have left something behind. Then volunteer at the school, manage a sports team, make lists and you will find yourself so insanely busy that you'll wonderhow you did it before.

kim at allconsuming said...

You're over thinking it. Have a cup of tea, inhale some deep breaths and just relax!

either that or come back to Sydney and you can hang out with my varmints all you like.

tea and cake said...

Make a diary for your time, so that you do certain things on particular days, does that make sense? Otherwise, drift will occur and you'll regret it.
About the grieving for the lost time - could you make a project out of it? eg a sketchbook, some pictures, photos or something, to commemorate it?
Just a thought, big {{hugs}} to you, Gilly x

sewnbysaliba said...

what lovely suggestions you have received! I would say to not dwell on the loss, but concentrate on the gain. You may have lost those beautiful first years, but you're onto a new chapter which will be full of new challenges, giggles and joys! Enjoy it!

Katy said...

Listen to John Butler loud!!!

Marina said...

It was great to meet you at SIT Gillian. We should have done musical chairs because I would have liked to have had more of a chat - it was all a bit of a whirl. I also wanted to say that I love your glasses - they are so cool.

Anyway, I'm off the track. I think that getting involved by volunteering at school is great to keep you connected. I love doing canteen or reading once a week.....

Karen said...

I wish I could offer some advice but this will be me soon with two off to school and one to kinder next year, aaahhh!
I agree with the girls above though - get involved at the school, the place where my girls aremost likely going has a parent volunteer program and I think most schools welcome this help.
When I used to have to make calls I didn't like, I would do what was suggested above - two not so fun jobs earns you one of the 'fun things to do' from another list.
Also take some time for you, you are entitled to that you know - go for a walk, sit under a tree and read a book or sing loudly and dance around the lounge.
Let me know what works!