Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Busy like a beaver

We don't have beavers here in Australia. Just in case you weren't sure. But if we did, I think I might bear a slight resemblance to them....

I have been busy settling my daughter into her first term of school. It's been a smooth and easy process, with her eager as a beaver attitude helping her slide right on into school life. It's like she's been there for years.

I've been taking part in the Around The Block 2 swap, making other people's blocks for them and posting them back... all the while they make mine and return them all finished.

Around The Block 2: Spiderweb for Amy

I've been a market girl last weekend, holding my first indoor stall at a boutique market here in Adelaide called the Lollipop Markets. I was blown away by the number of shoppers through the door - over 3000! It was a successful day for Silly Gilly and I'm now prepping for my next boutique stall at Mathilda's Markets on Sunday 13th March.

Lollipop Markets Feb 2011

I've also been coming to terms with transitioning from being a full time stay at home mum with a kid around 24/7 to a full time stay at home mum with her one and only kidlet at school. What to do with 6 hours every day??? My husband's first reply would be housework and unfortunately, part of me has to agree. But the rest of my footloose and fancy free time I'm dedicating to building up the Silly Gilly empire and taking a little time out each day for me. Five years full time parenting is hard slog and it's nice to have some time to sit in the sunshine.... alone.

But gee, I miss her. Every day. I even drove past the school today at lunch time just to see if I could catch a glimpse. Give me a few years and I might get used to her being at school!


CurlyPops said...

Wow! 3000 people through the door is amazing. I'll be eagerly watching you get up to with the Silly Gilly empire during school hours.

Annie said...

She looks right ready - take a deep breath and enjoy your time for you.