Friday, 9 April 2010

On the subject of waiting

So what do you do during the school holidays when there is a inordinate amount of waiting to be done? Waiting for the magazine to arrive.... waiting for our new family member to arrive....

Go to the park EVERY day, go to the movies to see Nanny McPhee, take lots of photos to waste some time.

A friend asked today how I got the blurry background in some of my photos like those below. I use the macro setting on my camera. It's the one that very often has a picture of a tulip or flower on the setting selector. All that setting does is focus on things very close to you and throw the background out of focus. It's one of my favourite settings and a very simple but effective way to take great portraits.

I love taking portraits, be they canine or little person, right up close. I love the detail in their faces. Below are some shots of two very patient people in our family who have had the camera right in their face this week whilst I while away the hours, waiting, waiting.




Nicole Harry said...

These are both lovely photo's. I adore black and white photo's of little people. My little one started kinder this year so this is my first brush with school holidays. Good luck with the waiting.

trash said...

Loving how both of those gorgeous creatures have hair artistically draped across their faces.

clare's craftroom said...

I bought my copy yesterday and your project is fantastic , congratulations ! Love your macro photos .

Annie said...

beautiful photos i'm keen to get the mag too, Jodie keeps talking about it! It will come . . . you've plated the seed