Wednesday, 7 October 2009

What's Hot + What's Not

What's Hot


What's Not
My Crafty Mojo
My housework Mojo
My confidence Mojo
My lack of ability to imbibe healthy food in the last four weeks

Sorry for the lack of posts. Have found myself fallen into a Alice In Wonderland kind of bog at the moment for the last four weeks and am lacking all manner of ways to find the rabbit hole outta here.

What's hot & Not thanks to Claire and Jodie.


Tracey said...

oh look its 12:43am... looks like I'll add some late night blogging to my 'whats hot' list. Sorry to hear your not your usual motivated self at present. Life can be a little *meh* sometimes. Hope you get your mojo back soon, and we see you at the next BYO & SWAP owls meet x

Bird Bath said...

oh I do hope things improve....of course that mojo shall soon return.
until then take it easy.

I agree buttons are right on top of the list!

clare's craftroom said...

Gorgeous photo ! Maybe your mojo is under that bush ... sit in the sun beside the bush and relax it will come back out !Take care .

Nikki said...

Take a breather and play with some buttons, flick through some books and magazines, cuddle your little girl, don't stress about what you feel you should be doing.... the craft mojo will return in its own good time. Forget about the housework mojo - it's completely overrated.

Do take care, and be really nice to yourself! xx

tea and cake said...

Yep, be nice to yourself. Perhaps, it's hibernation time, ready for renewal in the near future. I bet you could find the nouse to cuddle up with a latte and book, in the sunshine, with your girl, go on, betcha! {{hugs}}

Miss C said...

I think the mojo is hiding over at my house, come over and we'll hunt for it together.

Harooney said...

While you are down there in that hole, stay away from the critter with the pipe. You don't know what he is smoking..
I was happy to see you post again. I like to read your blog and see what you have been creating (a little confidence injection for you there ;))